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Future proof your restaurant investment
A ground-breaking, collaborative initiative for restaurant chains, their investors and suppliers

Future Restaurant is a community that enables participants to be exceptionally well-placed to draw considered conclusions about key issues such as funding and investment models, property strategies, branding, unit locations, management capabilities, and cost structures.

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Our members are well briefed to understand the fundamentals that impact the restaurant sector over the medium and long term.We do this by combining and consolidating industry knowledge, wisdom and foresight, in a unique format that enables participants to select the optimum strategy for their businesses.


Prior to covid, the restaurant sector was undergoing a Great Shakedown and significant realignment. It was being callenged by changing customer needs, limited brand differentiation and over-capacity, as well as rising costs, and cost imbalances involved in food, labour, fuel and property. This gave rise to uncertainty.


Covid changed much of the restaurant sector – it destroyed some businesses, it gave rise to new income streams, it changed ways of thinking and working, it changed relationships. The history of previous downturns from the early 1980s shows that the successful operating and investment paradigms undergo shifts in each upturn – from the franchising model of the 1980s to the private-equity driven model since the post-Lehmann Great Recession. Operators, investors and suppliers needed clarity.


The questions that are now being asked are:


  • What can I do now?

  • When should I be thinking of further involvement?

  • What should my investment look like?


Future Restaurant was launched in 2019 to provide insight for operators and investors over where to place their bets over the next planning cycle.

Our Story
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A collaborative, thoughtful,

learning environment​​

Reports, surveys and

white papers

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Online forums and discussion groups

Online webinars, presentations

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External briefings from Government, academia, and professionals

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